COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic


COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic

This page is not meant to be an educational resource regards COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic. Here are resources if you wish to find out more. 

World Health Organisation
Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Centre
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Track Coronavirus cases in UK

I apologise to those under my care who are affected by cancellations of surgical operations or outpatients appointments. I have taken that action today in partnership with the respective private hospital. This decision has not been taken lightly as I am aware that you are experiencing pain and/or functional difficulties as a result of your hand/upper limb/nerve problem. 

So why have I cancelled your appointment. 

  1. In keeping with the government advice for social distancing you are being put at risk of contracting COVID-19 in attending and travelling to a hospital. The severity of this risk is higher if you are in the vulnerable group. However, even if you are not in the vulnerable group, the severity of the disease cannot be predicted. 
  2.  The risk of you spreading the virus when you may not be aware that you carry it. This risks the people you travel with, staff & other patients at the hospital you attend.
  3. In the next few weeks, there is an expected huge surge of seriously ill patients which will overwhelm healthcare resources as they have done in Italy & Spain. It would be unwise to be in the midst of recovering from planned surgery in this situation. You will be especially at risk if you develop a complication after your operation. There may also not be adequate healthcare resources to look after you adequately such as hand therapy, nurses to look after wound care, etc. 

You will naturally be asking when your treatment will recommence. The honest answer is that I am unable to say when. The Government have asked the NHS Hospitals to stop planned surgery from 15th April for a period of at least 3 months. Private Hospitals have already worked a deal to assist the NHS during this period but I am not sure in exactly what capacity. 

We are going through unprecedented & difficult times for all. Please listen and follow the healthcare advice and keep yourself and your families safe.

25th March 2020

Outpatient appointments - I have arranged for the majority of my patients to have a telephone consultation. For those who need splints, plaster removal or changes or post-operative wound care, the Private Hospitals I work in have facilities to do this. If needed I will attend and see my patients.

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 infection, then you must telephone in advance of attending​ to advise the hospital. 

I will update this page as further developments occur.